Warwick RI Window Replacement from Lux Renovations

Lux Renovations carries the full line of the great Solace Windows vinyl replacement Vinyl Windowswindows for your Warwick, RI window replacement project. These windows replace old, leaky, windows that allow heat and air conditioning to escape, driving up the cost of your energy bills and using more natural resources than your home optimally needs to. That is not good for your bank account or the environment.

What makes Solace Windows so fantastic as a vinyl replacement window is their style and construction. They come in a wide array of colors, styles and wood grains to complement the style of your Warwick, RI window replacement. Their frame is fiberglass reinforced vinyl that is so narrow it allows up to 27% more glass surface area when compared to other vinyl window products.  Fiberglass is a superior window product as it not only offers strength but also insulation. Its temperature stays neutral to the touch, as fiberglass does not conduct heat or cold. Solace Windows exceed Energy Star requirements in all climate zones.

If your old windows are drafty, they could be responsible for 40-50% of the heat lost or gained (depending on the weather and season).  That’s why having windows with a tight seal is so important. Vinyl replacement windows such as the Solace Windows line offered by Lux Renovations can increase your home’s energy efficiency by two to three times. That’s pretty significant and makes a Warwick, RI window replacement project worth considering seriously.

Vinyl replacement windows from Lux Renovations and Solace Windows are wonderful for many reasons, not the least of which is their narrow frame that allows for a larger glass surface.  Solace Windows have up to 27% more viewing area than competitors’ vinyl windows for your Warwick, RI window replacement project.

For additional information about the home windows Lux Renovations has available, contact us today to speak with a representative for more information and a quote on getting Solace Windows for your home.