The Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ & its Cost Compared to Above-Ground Additions

Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ CostWhile basement renovations and above-ground additions can both increase a home’s living space, the cost of the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ is, on average, lower per square foot. So, if your family requires additional living space – whether for a home theater, private gym, or spare bedroom – the Basement Finishing System™ could allow you to more affordably meet your needs. Plus, when you turn to the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ for your basement renovation, you could enjoy your new space in only about two weeks, which is the time it takes for our trained, certified franchisees to install the Basement Finishing System™.

Like other homeowners, you may be pleased to know that the benefits of the Basement Finishing System™ aren’t limited to its affordability over above-ground construction and its quick installation. This innovative basement remodeling product was designed specifically for the basement, and provides:

  • Year-round comfort – Thanks to built-in thermal insulation that reduces heat loss, the Basement Finishing System™ helps basements stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. As an added benefit, this can even lead to cost savings on energy bills*.
  • Easy access for repairs – The walls of Owens Corning basements can be easily removed, providing convenient access to a home’s foundation, plumbing, and wiring, should these crucial components ever need repair.
  • Peace of mind – The Basement Finishing System™ is backed by a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty as long as you own your home**, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is well protected.

And, because many homeowners worry about mold growth in their dark, humid basements, they often give the Basement Finishing System™ rave reviews for its resistance to mold and mildew***. Unlike traditional basement renovation methods, the Basement Finishing System™ is made from breathable materials that don’t support mold growth.

To learn more about completing your basement remodel with the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™, contact us today.

*Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

**See actual warranty for details, limitations, and requirements.

***While the materials and design of the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ resist mold and mildew, the system cannot prevent or mitigate mold if the conditions necessary for mold growth otherwise exist in your basement.