Replacement Windows for Homes in Boston & Beyond

Replacement Windows - BostonIf you’re in the market for replacement windows for your Boston area home, turn to the professionals at Lux Renovations. We are pleased to offer a full line of custom Solace Windows for you to choose from, so no matter your specific needs or aesthetic preferences, you’re sure to find the ideal windows with us. Whether your windows are old and drafty or you’re looking to dramatically upgrade the interior or exterior of your home, our replacement windows will be a fantastic investment.

In many homes, the windows are one of the most common places for costly heat transfer to occur. When heat is allowed to enter the home during the summer months and exit the home in the winter, it can be difficult for the home’s central climate control system to keep the temperature of the home regulated. Over time, this not only drives up energy costs but can also reduce the overall lifespan of the air conditioner or heater. However, by purchasing new replacement windows from Lux Renovations you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home and potentially see significant savings on your monthly electric bills.

Another significant benefit to these windows is that they offer an average of 27 percent more glass area than competing replacement windows, making them among the most attractive options currently on the market. Yet, you also don’t have to worry about sacrificing any strength or resiliency with these replacement windows because they are reinforced with fiberglass within the frames.

To help ensure that your new windows will look great on your home, they are customizable in terms of:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Grid style
  • Shape
  • And more

For more information about the replacement windows that we offer in Boston, contact Lux Renovations today and speak with an associate. We also specialize in basement finishing, vinyl siding installation, and more.