Replacement Windows for Your Home in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Replacement Windows - CambridgeAt Lux Renovations, we are proud to offer a variety of replacement windows for your Cambridge area home in order to fully meet your specific aesthetic and practical needs. Our gorgeous windows are meant to complement the interior and exterior look and feel of your home, while also inhibiting costly heat transfer into and out of the home. If the time has come to invest in replacement windows for your home, our team of highly trained professionals is standing by to help.

To help ensure that we are able to offer the right windows for your home, we proudly feature a full line of Solace Windows, which can be manufactured in a number of different:

  • Colors
  • Wood grains
  • Styles
  • Grid patterns
  • Sizes

Regardless of the type of replacement windows you select, one of the first things you’ll likely notice is that they offer a tremendous amount of surface glass area. In fact, Solace Windows offer an average of 27 percent more glass than leading replacement windows, making them an attractive option. However, you also don’t have to worry about sacrificing durability for beauty, because our vinyl windows are reinforced with strong fiberglass within the frame.

In addition to being beautiful, our replacement windows are also a practical investment because they are designed to inhibit the transfer of heat into and out of the home. This can make it easier to keep the temperature of the home regulated year round, and also removes some of the burden placed on the home’s central climate control system, potentially saving money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

To learn more about the various features and benefits of the replacement windows we offer in the Cambridge area, contact Lux Renovations today. We’ll gladly walk you through your options and help you find the right kind of windows for your home. We also specialize in basement finishing and siding installation, among other home remodeling services.