Basement Remodeling - ConcordMany homeowners find themselves needing extra space.  However, adding an addition onto your home can be a costly and time consuming endeavor, renovating your Boston basement with Lux Renovations, LLC’s Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System is not only cost-effective and less time consuming but a great way to gain beautiful, functional new space in your current home.


Lux Renovations and Owens Corning® have been in the business of building basements for decades. Happy customers enjoying modern  new basements dot the landscape of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  From Canton to Cape Code to Concord, Owens Corning® of Boston is your answer for gaining a beautiful new basement living space. If you are seeking Boston basement finishing, give Lux Renovations a call today!

A few years ago, the certified basement designers from Owens Corning® were surveyed about the basements  they’ve installed and how they use them and we got some creative and often unusual answers. Far from simply using their basements as family rooms or extra living space for out of town guests, these Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™ customers have created one-of-a-kind spaces in their homes.   One family uses their basement as a bowling alley. Another family installed a gigantic aquarium – which Lux Renovations found to be a unique way to test the mold and mildew resistant properties of an Owens Corning® basement!

Most homeowners choose to use their basements in more traditional ways.  In fact, the top five ways finished basements are used are as a laundry room, family room, game room, exercise room and playroom.  An Owens Corning® basement can provide an awesome space to entertain friends and family. It can be your very own media room when you set it up like a home theater.  A basement finishing system™ from Owens Corning® is a good investment in your home. With a short completion time of just about two weeks, your Owens Corning® basement can be finished and ready for fun long before traditional drywall finishing is.

Plus, the Owens Corning™ wall system gives homeowners access to their foundation, plumbing and electrical systems without the mess of cutting a hole in the drywall and then having the inconvenience of patching it, waiting for it to dry and repainting it.  The Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System’s™ insulation helps keep energy costs down** and the wall system is mold and mildew resistant.* With a comparable cost to construction in many areas, the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™ from Lux Renovations is the smart choice for finishing your basement space.