Nancy Kerrigan Trades In Her Moldy Drywall Basement For A New Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™! Check Out Her Story!

Nancy Kerrigan and her family had a drywall basement constructed approximately 15 years ago and used it often. Over time, the basement started to smell musty and also became moldy. They knew they had to do something soon to get their basement back in a livable condition!

A few months ago, Nancy and her family visited their local fair, saw the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™ booth, and decided to inquire more online when they got home. After doing some research on our product and seeing what we had to offer, they realized this was the perfect fit for their family’s lifestyle. They were ready to get their basement space back for their three kids to enjoy!

We caught the entire transformation on camera, from the drywall tear-out to the completed Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System™! A BIG Thank You to Nancy and her family for sharing their story with us!